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A few construction tips

Travertine, sandstone and granite are among the stones suitable for exterior views.

The use of granite is very common due to its high resistance to impact and moisture on the way to the bridge, but nevertheless, marbles such as good marble, Kowsar, Khoi, Golbahar, etc. are also recommended, as well as lime acorns such as Gohareh and Poojan.

Carpet floors are the best option for marble living spaces. Dehbid, Khoi, Onyx, good-natured marbles, etc. For the floor of the stone, the commercial and office places of Khoy and Khosrangan marble are recommended.

Recommended for Sirjan White Chinese, Crystal Labyrinth, Chinese Aligudarz Chinese Azna, Chinese Niriz, etc.

The stone on the open

and the cabinet should have the least reaction with detergents and can withstand high weight. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and abrasion. Granite and porcelain stones are suitable for

this purpose.

۱- In a residential building without underground, the foundation is made between 30 and 50 cm above the ground level, which is the name of this wall of the Chinese chair.

۲- Feature of wooden roof

  1. The coiling is already done on the wall. 2. The roof leveling operation is done in the coiling. 3. The distance between the two beams does not exceed 50 cm.

۳- Blanche’s gauge is slow, but like white cement, it has high resistance.

۴- Following shallow excavations in sandy soils, the slope angle is about 30 to 37 degrees.

۵- Template plates are more suitable for concreting walls and ceilings.

۶- It is better to use cast iron pipe to drain the sewage.

۷- The best and most used connections in metal frame are in terms of strength and integrity of welded joints.

۸- The height of the scaffolding floor for executing the multiplicative arch up to below the ceiling beam is equal to approximately 5 cm.

۹- The presence of sodium, potassium and magnesium sulfate dissolved in water after combining with calcium alumina and limestone in cement reduces the strength of concrete.

۱۰- One of the advantages of glazed reward is the smoothness of its surfaces, the beauty of the facade and the prevention of water penetration.

۱۱- The length of the stairs is the sum of the floor of the calculated stairs, taking into account one more floor.

  1. A good reward is a reward that rings when it rings.
  2. The presence of a shear strap in the bond strengthens the strength of the wall.
  3. The most complete bond in terms of resistance to compressive loads is the block bond.

۱۵- The presence of salt in straw straw mortar makes you go to that plant.

۱۶- Abi mortar will rot if it is kept away from water after it is made.

۱۷- Ecocite is also a good insulator for sound.

  1. The number of rebars for the construction of false roofs is 9 per square meter.

۱۹- The thickness of gypsum and soil coatings is about 2 cm.

۲۰- The size of nightingale eye sieves is 5 cm.

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