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Iran Online Stone Market is one of the most reputable advertising systems for all types of stone

With mines of various types of porcelain, granite, marble and travertine, our country ranks fourth after India, China and Italy, while Iran’s share of the world market is only 15%. Zandi Group with twenty-five years of brilliant experience in selling all kinds of building stones inside and outside the country and real estate (purchase, sale, mortgage, rent and exchange of factories inside Shams Abad industrial park ) and residential properties in Tehran (especially West and Northwest of Tehran), now using two sites and under the supervision of Mr. Amir Zandi with the aim of advertising, selling and consulting in the field of various types of building and facade stones, including a variety of marble stones, Travertine, granite, antique stone, steps stone, facade stone, floor stone, etc. have started to work. The main purpose of this collection is to advertise and introduce stone companies in and out of the country and increase their sale.

How Zandi Group works: 1- Participation of mass construction companies in Tehran and its suburbs and other cities, including (Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, etc.) 2- Presenting stones to technical engineering offices and contract them. 3- Offices Sales materials in the city of Tehran and residential offices in residential towns.

Zandi Group activity zone: with the countries of the Persian Gulf basin (Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.) in the northern countries (Armenia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Russia) and eastern Iraq. We also cooperate with China in raw and coupe form. Zandi Group is ready to sign contracts with companies, organizations and stonemasons. For more information, call 09123766537 (Mr. Amir Zandi).

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Office phone numbers: 02156224977, 02156225977, 02156226977


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