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History of stone

Stone is one of the oldest materials known to mankind for its embroidery and has been used to build buildings and provide various tools, including weapons and tools. In later periods, the same tools were used in construction. Later, mankind became more aware of the properties and methods of using stones, and left various artifacts, including tombs, temples, and sculptures. Some ornamental stones are used in various ways in the form of cut sheets on the floor, building facade, stairs and floor of the window. Mixing gravel with some adhesives is also part of building materials.

History of building stones

The use of stone by humans to build settlements dates back to ancient times. It is very surprising to see ancient artifacts such as the pyramids of Egypt, or works in Rome, Greece and Iran, taking into account the technical and technological facilities of that time. From the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, when man did not know iron, he used stone to meet his needs, and in the Stone Company, he used the characteristics of hard and brittle silica stones to make tools.

As human civilization grew, so did the use of stone. Ancient buildings with stone facades represent these changes. These changes are evident in countries such as Egypt, Greece, and Italy. The use of large blocks of stone began, and with the advancement of science and technology, its weight gradually decreased and more attention was paid to its color, polish, texture and strength.


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