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Types of stones

Igneous rocks

There are rocks that are formed from the solidification of molten material under the Earth’s crust called magma. These materials are under extreme pressure and heat in liquid form.

The first category of internal or all crystals in this category of molten material begins to cool slowly at a great distance from the earth’s surface, so its grains become crystalline and crystalline, such as diorite, deiteite and Granite.

 The second group of external azure stones or crystalline grains In this group of stones, the molten material is slowly cooled, but before it hardens completely, it is transferred to the upper and cold parts of the earth. Thus, some of the stones are grains. It is crystalline and the part that has cooled quickly does not have a crystalline state.

The third group of volcanic rocks In this case, the molten material quickly moves to the cold air and freezes, so it is not crystalline. The bazaar of this type is Azrin stones. This group of rocks, which cool rapidly in free air, freezes in the form of rock or rock puddles.

The second group of sedimentary rocks This group of rocks is formed from the accumulation and joining of sedimentary layers, the remains of animals and plants on the earth’s surface. Coal, limestone and sandstone are among these rocks.

The third group of stones sometimes turn into completely new and different stones due to pressure and heat, which are called metamorphic rocks. This group of stones includes quartzite, which is made of metamorphic rock, and marble, which is made of metamorphic rock. He named lime and Schist, which are derived from the transformation of clay.

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